About Us

BabesforBooks is a fashion brand that promotes education and encourages the embrace of brains over beauty.

10% of all proceeds are donated to organizations that provide education to underprivileged children across the globe; such as RoomToRead (https://www.roomtoread.org/about-us/) and Classroom of Hope (https://classroomofhope.org/about-us/).

 "I started BabesForBooks with the intent of creating a brand that represented my core values. I wanted people to realize they truly are more than a pretty face. I wanted them to recognize that though the cover of a book may catch your eye, it is the content inside that makes it worth reading. By donating a percentage of proceeds towards education and contributing to these organizations that improve the academic lives of underprivileged children across the globe, we endorse our message of brains over beauty and the consumer becomes apart of something bigger. They become more than a pretty face. They become more than just a “babe.” They become a babe... for books."

"This brand embodies the person who acknowledges their physical appearances but does not define themselves by it. They are confident in themselves and their multifaceted traits. They find the compliment “gorgeous” to be lousy and prefer appreciation of their skill set and character. They are committed to bettering society and genuinely believe they are able to help create change."

"I began this journey with hopes to make a change... BabesForBooks is going to help educate the world; one book, one student at a time."

-Founder and CEO, Ardita Hashani