About Us

BabesforBooks is a fashion brand that promotes education. We encourage everyone to embrace their brains as much as their beauty.

10% of all proceeds are donated to organizations that provide education to underprivileged children across the globe; such as RoomToRead (https://www.roomtoread.org/about-us/) and Classroom of Hope (https://classroomofhope.org/about-us/).


"BabesForBooks is going to help educate the world; one book, one student at a time."  

-Founder and CEO, Ardita Hashani

“It wasn’t what made me different that was going to inspire BabesForBooks, it was what I and thousands of other men and women shared: being more than just a pretty face."

"I have always believed that calling someone “gorgeous” was a lousy compliment. So many people, especially women, ignore their other multifaceted traits because of their reliance on their looks. I wanted strong, intimidating, beautiful AND smart women to have a brand represent them; BabesForBooks was going to be that. I was going to use the fashion industry to bring and spread awareness to this idea that substance was sexy."

“I also needed to make philanthropy a staple in the business concept. The value of selflessness was reiterated in my house constantly, achieving the “American Dream” meant nothing without giving back. My family taught me that success not shared was useless. I’ve dedicated my life to this mindset and is why channeling my entrepreneurial spirit was the first part of my success, but not the most important. Teaching me the value of philanthropy was the best thing my family could ever have done for me and although I knew there was no way to repay them, I could pay it forward. So I decided to do so by donating 10% of all proceeds to purchase books and school supplies for underprivileged children." 


"The ultimate goal for BabesForBooks is to become a globally recognized company and help better the world. I want to build a brand, not just sell sweatshirts for a living. The beauty of BabesForBooks isn’t in crop tops and crew necks, rather the idea that they’re selling. When people purchase BabesForBooks, they purchase a sense of alpha-self. The brand embodies beauty, intelligence, and selflessness: a deadly trio. People want to feel like they “have it all going for them,” and this company lets them do that. The idea that a woman can be intellectually brilliant, physically attractive, and wholeheartedly willing to help others is ruled as a myth in society. With us, smart is sexy and the art of giving back makes you beautiful. People order BabesForBooks and automatically feel better about themselves; they know they are helping make a change in the world. This generation doesn’t want the “dumb blonde” anymore, they want the blonde that went to Law School."

"I want to sell this idea and I want to use the people who believe in it- these beautiful, smart intelligent diligent people- to help raise money for those in need. Every human being deserves an education and BabesForBooks is a company that wants to help provide that.”